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COVID-19 Policy and Procedures at Moving Mountains Therapy Center


Moving Mountains Therapy Center is following all safety and healthcare guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as following the guidelines put out by federal, state, and local health departments for healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. Please see for the latest recommendations and guidelines from the CDC. 

MMTC is requiring that all clients, families, and employees (over the age of 5) wear a mask inside the Moving Mountains Therapy Center Clinic and while receiving therapy services off-site unless a signed mask-exemption form is in place. Mask-exemption forms may be recommended or requested by a family for a client under the following circumstances: being unable to remove a mask without assistance, facial deformities that make an individual unable to or unsafe while wearing a mask, feeding and oral motor therapy, motor planning of the facial structures therapy, serious emotional disturbances or other mental health concerns in which mask-wearing is considered unsafe, sensory processing, and behavioral concerns. Clinicians may also receive mask exemptions or may be approved for alternative face covers for therapy sessions in which they: need to remove their mask for eating, safety concerns are present (i.e., masked being forcefully removed from clinicians’ face during the session, etc.), and when there is need for modeling oral motor movements, language, emotional expression, and/or feeding during a therapy session.

MMTC is asking that clients and/or families who have a confirmed COVID-19 exposure follow CDC guidelines for quarantining following an exposure including canceling all in-person therapy sessions. Cancellations due to COVID-19 exposures will not count against a client for attendance. To further protect our families, clients, and staff, MMTC is also asking that clients and/or families who are experiencing any cold, flu, or COVID-like symptoms cancel all in-person therapy sessions.

MMTC will not ask for or disclose the vaccine status of any employees, clients, or families.

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