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Education Programs

Moving Mountains Foundation provides affordable or free skilled educational in-services and programs created by specialists including occupational therapists, speech therapists, mental health providers, and physical therapists. These are offered to caregivers, daycare providers, teachers, early interventionists, and other organizations that work with vulnerable populations. These educational programs include, but are not limited to:

  1. The Importance of early intervention services 

  2. Feeding and swallowing disorders and treatment

  3. caregiver-child interaction

  4. Sensory processing and creating sensory-friendly environments

  5. Creating thriving environments for individuals with disabilities

  6. Typical and atypical development

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Application Criteria 

The organization must work with adults or children who have or may have needs that can be met by skilled services including at least of the following disciplines:

  • Occupational therapy

  • Speech therapy

  • Mental health

  • Physical therapy

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application completely and legibly. Incomplete or illegible applications cannot be processed.

  2. Email your completed application to:

  3. Moving Mountains Foundation will respond to your email within four weeks of it being sent either requesting more information or stating whether or not your request will move to the formal decision stage.

  4. As soon as Moving Mountains Foundation has all of the needed information from you, the case will be decided at Moving Mountains Foundation monthly board meeting. 

  5. If approved, Moving Mountains Foundation will send funding to the provider or organization (not the family) within three weeks of approval.  Rx: If approved, Moving Mountains Foundation will pay the vendor (not the organization or individual) directly on behalf of the recipient.

  6. Funds must be used within twelve months of the date granted. All unused funds will be returned to Moving Mountains Foundation. 

Educational Toys

Moving Mountains Foundation

****Complete Only The Section (S) Being Requested****


1. Request for Education 

Type of education: _____________________________________________________________________

Length of time: _____________________________ Population: ________________________________


2.Request for Equipment/Supplies (attach additional pages listing equipment costs and amount needed)

Type of equipment/supplies: _____________________________________________________________

Cost of equipment $_______________________________


3. Request for Travel

Purpose of travel: _____________________________________________________________________

Miles between clinic and destination: _______________________ Number of individuals: ____________

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