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Our Goals


  1. Develop an unprecedented service delivery model that incorporates the many health care programs located within Missoula County.

  2. Hold families within the center of the therapeutic process while providing therapy rooted in science and evidence- based research to children with developmental and/or physical disabilities and their families in Western Montana.

  3. Create a community where our client’s differences are accepted, celebrated and families are supported throughout the lifespan.

Our Culture

  1. Family-Centered Care

  2. Intervention at Moving Mountains Therapy Center is focused on family - centered services in order to address the whole system rather than only the client.  Services include the client and their families in the treatment session. The intervention takes place with the caregiver present and involves all parties during treatment sessions.  Research has shown that this type of intervention is successful at improving the client’s participation as well as the caregiver’s feelings of competence in a relatively small number of treatment sessions.

  3. Interprofessional Services

  4. The business model, at Moving Mountains Therapy Center, was created by therapists devoted to delivering interprofessional and family-centered care. Interprofessional service delivery and education have been shown to have better outcomes overall. Healthcare specialists in the Missoula area provide a unique opportunity to offer interprofessional services to the clients they serves. Collaboration with other healthcare partners and childcare providers is feasible. Several of these organizations include The Child Development Center, Aware Inc., Western Montana Health Services, Tribal Health Services, The MORE program, the YMCA of Missoula, Lake, Ravalli, and Missoula county head start programs and school districts. The resulting collaboration will establish a well-connected interprofessional coordinated care model.

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